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Operation Kanshi

Operation Kanshi is a 2D story-driven game trapped between a multitude of worlds and perspectives. The year is November 1949. Set in the fictional country of Mihong in Southeast Asia, Operation Kanshi acknowledges the legacy of generational trauma that persists in post-colonial Asia.

Play the game HERE and read the devlog HERE.

Awards and Recognition:
PixelPop Festival – Official Selection, 2019
Game Devs of Color Expo – Official Selection, 2019

Role: Lead 2D Artist, Game Designer

Made by Amanda Siswojo & Emperatriz Ung

Kraken Attackin’!

Kraken Attackin’ is a 6 player board game where players take on the role of a ship crew trying to escape the wrath of the Kraken by making your way through the front of the ship! Every man for himself!

Role: Lead Artist, Game Designer

Made by Amanda Siswojo, Emperatriz Ung, Avery Holmes, Xin Hu

Yumi’s Home

Yumi’s Home is a first person 2D narrative game about depression, familial obligation, and isolation.

Awards and Recognition:
Code Liberation x BFI Popup Games Exhibition

Play the game HERE.

Role: 2D Artist, Game Designer

Made by Amanda Siswojo, Emperatriz Ung, 
Maria Mishurenko, Poe Sriwatanathamma, Shak’ar Mujukian, and Xiaoxun Yu.

Space Friend

A small and short game prototype set in space where you are finding your lost friend.

Solo Project